Efficient Allocation

Managing and distributing key resources in return for optimal results

Product Launch

Introducing a new product that resonates with it's target audiences

Monitoring Performance

Continuous Management and fine-tuning performance

Agile Adjustments

Responsiveness to industry and market changes for sustainable growth

Brand Value

International recognition and loyalty is key to long lasting success

Strategic Planning

Logical and aligned thinking ensures execution across the board
Strategy & Execution
Everything begins with an idea

Undercover Brothers Ltd. consists of a group of subsidiaries and trading businesses including Crep Protect, PresentedBy, KLEKT, and miwhip. The company combines savvy entrepreneurship and strategic business acumen to create market leading brands.

Crep Protect Ltd, founded in 2012, was the company’s first global success story – it has gone on to become the world’s largest premium sneaker care brand, with products now sold in over 50 countries and a recognised worldwide licence holder for adidas shoe care.

Since then, Undercover Brothers has expanded into the luxury sneaker and streetwear industry. PresentedBy, the UK’s most luxurious streetwear retail store, was built to be the first home for consignment. On 27th May 2017, it opened its first store on 15 Percy Street. Shortly after, PresentedBy consignments were recognised by Harvey Nichols and available at department stores worldwide.

Undercover Brothers are continually seeking out the most innovative business concepts and ideas from multiple industries – Lifestyle, Transport, Fashion and Technology.  Challenging traditional operation models by focusing on ‘out of the box’ thinking. The innovative environment and sustainable ecosystem allows for efficiency across all areas with in the business, from distribution and supply chain to digital marketing and e-commerce.